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Life long gum health with oriental medicine bamboo salt

Prevent gum diseases with a traditional recipe of bamboo salt toothpaste.


The bamboo salt toothpaste was made with the best bamboo salt, made by bay salt in Jiri mountain bamboos and covering it with red clay and baked 9 times in a 1000 degreed kiln.

As the first oriental toothpaste in the country to have great efficacy on prevent gum diseases, it is recognized for its efficacy effect by different kinds of oral cavity academy around the world, and also acquired patent from America, Japan and etc. 14 different countries which is known as the most Korean product.



protection from gum disease, prevent cavity, remove dental plaque, remove bad breath, strengthens teeth, keeps cleanliness and refreshment within mouth, increase aesthetic effect, prevent gingivitis/ periodontitis , prevent periodontal disease